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Malabar Farms & Essential Oils was incorporated in the year 2012, with a mission to provide high quality pure & natural essential oils, Spices & its Oleoresins to its clientsall over the world. Over the years, the company has evolved and developed remarkably, by implementing new and advanced manufacturing technique to improve quality of our products.

Our range of products are recognized globally for their purity, effectiveness, high medicinal value and quality.

We have our manufacturing unit situated in Chelamattom – Perumbavoor in the state of Kerala, which is equipped with high quality distillation and extraction technology, which helps us to process our range of natural essential oils and aromatic chemicals compatible with international quality standards.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure international standards to our products according to the customer’s specific needs. For that, we have a completely dedicated marketing team which is capable of knowing customer requirements and changing universal market trends.

Our research and production team is completely sophisticated with most modern technologies along with years of experience in this field. Thus, we are capable of maintaining process competency, quality analysis and purity of raw materials used.

Spice oils are the volatile components present in most spices and provide the characteristic aroma of the spices. Spice oil is normally extracted by steam distillation. Spice oils are mostly used in food, cosmetics, perfumes and personal hygiene products like toothpastes, mouthwashes and aerosols, besides in a variety of pharmaceutical formulation.

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Malabar Farms & Essential oils LLP
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Perumbavoor, Kerala - 683 550
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